The school support 2023 is a noble humanitarian activity, aiming to help students whose their parents are the part of Cadovimex II, and their latest achievements at school are recognized. The program is organized by many social organizations, businesses, and media, with financial, material and spiritual support. Some main contents of the program to support students to go to school are:

  • Award scholarships to students with excellent academic achievements.
  • Give gifts, school supplies, and backpacks.
  • Organize exchange sessions, psychological counseling, career guidance for students and parents.
  • Financial rewards for those who are participating in higher educational stage.

The program to support students to keep studying hard, has been going on for many years and has brought positive results. Many students have been encouraged and motivated to rise up in learning and life. Many have become useful people for society and their homeland. The program also contributes to the development of education and improving the quality of human resources for local area.

Moreover, it is an evidence of the spirit of solidarity, love and sharing of Vietnamese people. This is a practical and profound activity, contributing to building a fair, democratic and civilized society.

We hope that the program to support students to go to school will continue to develop and spread widely in the community, so that no one is left behind in the educational pathway.


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