Cadovimex II Seafood Import & Export Processing Joint Stock Company
DL 483

Established in 2007, Cadovimex II Seafood has been operated over 15 year in Vietnam Pangasius Industry. With few hundred labor since beginning, we are now running with over 1,300 labor – processing 250 to 300 tonnes of materials a day.

The factory is located in Sa Dec, Dong Thap Province – a capital of Pangasius in Mekong Delta – which brings to us a lot of advantages in fresh materials, easy transportation by river & road.

Please note our factory is a separated legal entity to the other factory name: Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export Processing Joint Stock Company ( in Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. By saying this, we clearly state that we have no relation to such entity in any means.
Important Notice
Factory Code - DL 483

Top 10 Pangasius Exporters in Vietnam

We are proud to be one of 10 largest Pangasius exporters since 2012

To reach such success in export value, our philosophy are:

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Food Standard Certifications

Go along with our processing, food safety is one of the most concern that we focus to maintain. By working with us, you can be assured that all the international food standards for a specific market will be met.

A trusted source of Pangasius that provides quality and variable choices to meet up the international food standards.

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