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We offer the most desirable Pangasius worldwide – a catfish, which is being known for its reasonable price as well as nutrition value. 

Pangasius has been developed and raised-farming mainly in Mekong Delta Vietnam since 1997. Within over 25 years of presenting itself on the globe, the export value of Vietnam Pangasius has reached over 2 billion USD per year and currently being distributed to many markets.


Our Products

No bone fillet with skin-on or skin-off is always easy to consume and cook in the meantime. This shape form, in fact, is the main choice of eater in any cuisine cooking styles. 

Mainly consume in China market, suitable for charcoal grill, BBQ, or even hotpot cooking. The flavor comes out from the seasoning, combine with the freshness of the meat will bring the good taste ever.

Pangasius in processing could bring into many forms, such as wholeround – steak – rose rolling – sliced – cube. This will vary upon to your order request.

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We are confidently to provide the best appropriate products and knowledge on the field.

With our experience, the road to success will get much easy as we will be your companion in trading satisfaction.

A trusted source of Pangasius that provides quality and variable choices to meet up the international food standards.

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