A Visit from Our Big Client

On 24th May 2023, Cadovimex II Seafood was honor to have the visit from big client – Ms. Li Shi Ying (President of Guangdong Mingji Aquatic Product Group Co.Ltd) to the factory at Sadec, Dong Thap.


During the trip, we have accompanied Ms. Li Shi Ying to have a look through all the departments, operational activites and full processing procedures on the field in order to have a snapshot of how Pangasius is produced and supervised in term of quality. Moreover, the tour also went through the farming area and fish-feed factory where the raw materials are being raised and fed under strictly process.


The sharing thought after the trip from Mingji – “We believe Cadovimex II Seafood is one of the most professional producers of Pangasius in Vietnam – with strong knowledge of farming, raising, and processing along with modern technology in quality control and skillful workers, they really make a good product for the market”


This is also the chance for Mingji to testify some new product lines that could promote an expansion in China in the future. The testing result is positive and soon will be distributed to China.


A trusted source of Pangasius that provides quality and variable choices to meet up the international food standards.

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