Mr. Pham Phuc Toai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoang Long Group – General Director of Cadovimex II Seafood Processing and Import-Export Joint Stock Company, and more than 1200 employees of the company attended the year-end party with the theme “Reunion Tet – Sharing Spring”.

He shared, “With the theme “Reunion Tet – Sharing Spring”, it will be a meaningful message to bring to all employees a warm, close, sacred and familiar atmosphere of each spring. And also want to convey the message about the good tradition of the Vietnamese people is to share with each other to overcome difficulties, accompany each other to develop together, cooperate for sustainable development.

This is a meaningful activity with deep humanity, showing the company’s leadership’s care for the workers, an opportunity for the leaders to express their gratitude to the workers and the workers to express their gratitude to the leaders. Through that, it creates a strong bond between the workers and the company, calling for the promotion of collective strength, concentration of intelligence to be ready for effective work, and to join hands for the sustainable development of the company. He also wished all the workers a happy, happy and successful New Year in all fields.

The program also has many meaningful activities, taking care of the material and spiritual life of the workers such as cultural exchange, lucky draw with 178 valuable gifts. The program ended with a year-end party in an atmosphere of reunion, sharing and with many hopes and wishes for many opportunities in the new year.


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